TV Disposal & Recycling
This is a picture of a tv disposal and recycling.

Like most other forms of junk, your old TV can cause its fair share of problems and stress when it’s time to get rid of it. Some TV units are quite large and can be difficult to move. Even those that aren’t, you should take the care to dispose of them correctly, as electronic waste is a scourge that’s really impacting the environment. This means it can take time that you might not have, putting you off from doing the job at all. Well, you no longer need to let your old TV gather dust and take up space, we can effectively remove it and dispose of it for you.

Effective Removal

Whatever the job is, you want it done effectively. We take it one step further, however. We think that a big part of being effective is also getting things done as quick as possible too. Our professional service is experienced, and we know how to remove any junk that you might have effectively. This means we can get the job done in no time and quickly get out of your home and out of your way. Having people moving through your home can be a disruption and we are very aware of this. There’s no need to be interrupted at home for longer than necessary.


Logistics can be problematic when it comes to any type of junk removal around your home. Perhaps the item is difficult in the first place, or you can’t get it out of your home. Maybe you don’t have room in your car to transport it. Even if you do, where do you take it? All of these factors apply to the removal of your old TV, especially larger ones. Our TV disposal and recycling service can remove all the logistical nightmares from your situation. We are experienced in every facet of junk removal and can do it smoothly and quickly.


Recycling, and doing your bit to make things a little greener and cleaner, is always a positive step to take. Electronic waste especially is becoming a major problem around the world. That’s why, as part of junk removal services, we always try to ensure we recycle what we collect, which is especially true for TV’s. This means we not only remove your old TV but also ensure it is disposed of in the best way possible. So you can be sure you are doing your part whilst also getting rid of your unused or unwanted TV.


Hauling away, moving or otherwise having to work out how to dispose of an old TV effectively takes time and effort, like with anything else. Getting it removed by our professional junk haulers, however, requires neither of things. On top of that, as mentioned we know the best and safest way to dispose of your old TV, so it doesn’t do any harm or cause problems. It’s an all in one service that’s seriously convenient. Get the result that you want without any effort and be sure that you are also doing the right thing.

Roseville, CA